With Gymtrack, gyms can now know how their facilities- not just equipment - are being used. From the moment a member arrives to the time they leave, every room they enter and piece of equipment they use will tell a story to help make their experience better.

Small Sensors placed on every piece of equipment - cardio and strength - help tell their story and allow gyms to make sure the right equipment is being deployed and the right number of machines are available. Listen to your members, their actions are telling you if you are doing right by them. 

Gymtrack provides real-time, quantifiable data so you can make decisions based on numbers, not fads.

You can...

  • Finally understand what equipment is actually being used. Allocate the right amount of space for cardio, strength and functional without questioning yourself.
  • Buy the right equipment for your members. No more guessing. With Gymtrack’s data, you can clearly see what members want, allowing you to use data to make the right purchase decisions.
  • Reduce Wait Times. Nothing is more frustrating for members than waiting for equipment. With Gymtrack, you can easily identify and solve congestion issues.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs. Save by spreading out usage across machines, and switching from time-based to usage-based maintenance schedules. 
  • Replace under-used and un-popular equipment.