Gymtrack gives you actionable data on how members spend their time while exercising inside your gyms. No more guessing if the equipment mix is appropriate for your members. No more “one size fits all” approach to gym layout and design. No more hearsay and anecdotal evidence of equipment popularity and trends. No more fog of war once a member signs up and signs in. 

Listen to your members, their actions are telling you if you are doing right by them.

  • Buy the right equipment for your members. With Gymtrack’s data, you can clearly see what members want, allowing you to use data to make the right purchase decisions.

  • Replace under-used and un-popular equipment.

  • Allocate the right amount of space for cardio, strength and functional equipment without guessing.

  • Reduce Wait Times. Nothing is more frustrating for members than waiting for equipment. With Gymtrack, you can easily identify and solve congestion issues.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs. Save by spreading out usage across machines, and switching from time-based to usage-based maintenance schedules.